Embrace the Pace
(Chocolate Milk Stout) Sweet, Chocolaty, Creamy
ABV 6.1%

Holiday Ham
(Tropical hops) Applewood smoke, Sweet Pineapple
ABV 6.8%

Settle In
(West Coast IPA) Dry, Dank, Balanced Bittering, Fruity Hops
ABV 6.5%

Monophonic Polyphony
(Single Hopped Pale Ale) Refreshing, lite, low bitterness, cashmere hops
ABV 5.1%

Simmer Down
(American Lite Lager) Crisp, Clean, Refreshing
ABV 4.2%

(Mojito Lager) Crisp, Clean, Refreshing, Minty, hint of lime
ABV 5.3%

The Big Goat
(Doppelbock) Marty German Lager, slightly sweet, warming alcohol
ABV 9%

Blood Red Moons
(American Red) Malty, Hoppy, Balanced Bittering
ABV 6.1%

Cellar Disco
(NEIPA) Low bitterness, double dry hopped with Grungeist and Lemondrop
ABV 7.1%

Curry Night

(Thai Curry Ale) Sweet, Coconut, Ginger, Turmeric, Hint of Spice
ABV 5.5%


(Ginger Ale) Crisp, Refreshing, Ginger Spice
ABV 5.6%

Something Dry

(Brut IPA) Dry, White GrapeLike Hops
ABV 7.4%

*Chasing Purpose

(Blonde Ale) Lite, refreshing, hint of citrus
ABV 4.5%
*$1 from every pint sold goes toward suicide prevention.